Saturday, September 11, 2010

Line dancers on campus

 I often see them practicing on campus in the evenings. Not quite sure what it is all about, but looks cool. Pay attention to the sign on the background. Here is a close-up:
I wonder what happens if you call?

Little funny things around... A bear and an apple

The Beanery

It's been some time since I have updated the blog. It is surprisingly difficult to upkeep it with all the day-to-day stuff I have to do.

So... The Beanery Inc. My favorite place so far. I have been there several times already and love the place. It is located on College Ave not far away from the intersection with Ashby. 
Nice music, nice decor (pay attention to the table). And oh, yeah, their Vietnamese coffee is greatness. In fact I think I am going to have it tomorrow morning :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

All you need is...

... some hot socks and and a sobriety test.
By the way, one pack of socks is gone now but the test is still there. No coffee crawling today, only pizza and beer with the math crowd. I tried "Fat Tire" Ale today. I liked it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Sundays Fest

I know that my blog partially deviates from the initial topic of coffee. But on the other hand, there are so many interesting things around in Berkeley that it would be sad to restrict attention only to one.

So today after spending big chunk of morning and some early afternoon working on my research stuff I decided that I must get out of the house. My initial intentions were to go to Shattuck Ave near the BART station and look what that region has to offer. It turns out I did not have to go that far.

On my way to Shattuck I had to cross Telegraph Ave. Well, it turns out that today it was closed for traffic from Bancroft Way till Dwight Way because of the Last Sundays Fest. What is a Last Sundays Fest? It is a lot of fun: people on the street selling all kinds of art, jewelry, food, clothing and little funny things. Like those clock made out of old vinil records and lazer discs:
Or those little sculptures made out of bolts, nuts, screws and nails. Pretty creative, isn't it?
Of course, a lot of funky jewelry. Too bad my metal allergy wouldn't allow me to get those peacock feathers earings:
Maybe I should buy some tie-dye shirt and some skinny pants. They seem to be in fashion here:
The band was playing:
There was body art too:
And rodeo:
Nobody could seat on that cow for too long. In fact, a lot of people had trouble getting on it :D
Of course, I could not go away without little souvenir :)

Lazy Sunday

It is great to wake up late on Sunday morning and have a cup of hot coffee on your own balcony. Life is good :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010